Havana On the Move

I really like the people of Cuba for their friendliness and generosity to us while we were there. View a short video by clicking on People of Havana.  Cuba is at the juncture of leaving a form of colonialism mixed with communism heading to a world of capitalism, unfettered communications, lobbying of the rich, consumerism and a greater void between the rich and the poor. Is this an unavoidable return to the early sixties?  While there my question was “What does it take to be happy and lead a long fruitful life?”.  When thinking about it, doesn’t this apply to any country?

ProShow Producer

I used Photodex ProShow Producer to assemble the pictures taken during a two-week stay in the country. in passing, I have taken a liking to Proshow for its commitment to the medium and user-friendliness. The video contains five themes – which I will let you discover. Richard


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